Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Hi guys :)

My name is Jade and I am super excited to wirte my first blogpost ever.
I am 18 years  old and live in Germany.. at least for now because I wanna start traveling everywhere and anywhere, I wanna see the world and all the beautyful things mother earth has to offer :D

I started this blog because I am extremely passionate about writing, taking pictueres and a lot of creative stuff in general. To be a little more specific I for example love cathing a special moment and save it for forever :) To me this is one of the most beautyful things to do.

Also I like to share that with other poeple.
I appreciate every king of feedback. Hearing positive feedback about my work makes me so happy everytime and negative or better constructive criticysm helps me improving and getting better every time.

So now we get to the probably most interesting point for you guys:
What is this blog going to be about? be honest I'm not exactly sure yet.
I love traveling, fashion, cooking, beauty and so many other things that I think it would be a waste to limit my blog just to one topic don't you think ;)

Anyway.. I guess I will just start posting a little bit and we will see where it goes.

Hope to see you all at my next blogpost :) 

xxx JADE

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