Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Springspiration Series #2 - Bright Jeans

Hey guys :)

Sorry I haven't been uploading for almost two weeks but I have been super busy with working and studying.
But today I am super excited to show you another one of my favourite trends for spring - colourful bright jeans.
You can find them in pretty much any colour - yollow, orange, blue, pink etc-. 
Another thing that I like about this trend is that depending on how comfortable you are with wearing coloured pants there are so many different variations of them. For those who aren't so coforable yet but still want to try it out there are some pastel colored or really light colored ones. But for those of you who really want to go wild and crazy there even are some neon colored ones- and I can assure you with a neon pink jeans you are going to cath everyones attention ;)
I am personally super in love with this trend an I can't wait to wear my first bright pair of jeans :)

I think to get a little cofortable with this trend I am going to pair the jeans with just one other colour like black or white or maybe some beige the first time I wear them. This outfit below gives you some idea how this might look like.
And when I am a little bit more used to it I might pair them with some other colours - 
wich already leads me to the next spring trend but I will tell you about this one in another post ;)

Unbenannt #5

What about you? To you like this trend or do you think this is a little to much?
xoxo Jade

BKE nylon shirt
$12 -

True Religion slim jeans
€239 -

Steve Madden checkered shoes
$100 -

Prada logo bag
£1,065 -

Tiffany Co longs jewelry
$950 -

Tiffany Co tiffany co jewelry
€265 -


  1. I love this trend! I have been trying to find the perfect pair of coral jeans for about a month now.


  2. I know I've seen great blue and pink and green ones but I haven't found one coral pair yet. Except the True Religion ones in the picture but they are too expensive :(

  3. bless this post. i have no idea how to to wear bright jeans.. thank u soo much.. ;)