Samstag, 3. März 2012

March Wishlist :)

Hi guys :)
Here are some of the items that I want to purchase in the mounth of march.
I already ordered the shoes online and now I am waiting for them to get delivered (woop woop I am so excited I can't wait :D)
I need to get some new hair products because my hair is really damaged from coloring and all the heatstyling so I started with the ones below. A review is coming when I have used them for a while :)
For clothing I want to get my hands on some bright coloured pants. I find them absolutely amazing especially since spring is just right around the corner ;)
Last but not least I wand to get some big creols and feather earings just bec I've been wanting them for a while and thought it was time to get them :)

Shoes: Conleys
Jeans: True Religion
Hairproducts- Paul Mitchel skinny serum; revlon equave 2 phase hydro nutritive conditioner; orofluido beauty elixir
Jewelry: bijou brigitte

xxJade <3

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