Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Happy Alomst Weekend

Hey everyone! 

Sun is shining, it's hot outsite and my friend and I are sitting in my backyard listening to "Train - Drive By" drinking vegetable smoothies - what a wonderful day :) 

Smoothies are a great way to include vegetables into your diet if you are like me and a cucumber or cabbage isn't the first thing you reach for when you are looking for a little snack. 
As we all know vegetables - especially the green ones - are very healthy for your body. They contain lots of iron, vitamins etc and help preventing diseases like Alzheimer's or cancer.

How to make a Vegetable Smoothie:

It's actually pretty simple.
 All you need is a juice extractor and some fresh vegetables.

We put 1 cucumber, 1 zucchini, some spinach and 1 kohlrabi in it.
But feel free to use whatever you like. You can literally extract the juice of pretty much any vegetable or fruit you can possibly think of. Just try out different combinations till you find out what you like most.
To have some variety you can take different vegetable combiations every time you do it.
I also like to add some lemon every now and then :)

Just put all vegetables in the juice extractor and mix everything together by stirring with a spoon. Than put the finished smsoothie into a nice glass ( like a cocktail glass that way you can pretend you are drinking and exotic cocktail and it tastes much better ;) and thats it -were done!

I must say that it took a while for me to get used to the taste but I actually really like it now. I try to drink one glass of vegetable juice every single day.
Even if you don't like the taste so much a guarantee you that you will feel amazing after you drank it. Especially in summer it will make you feel super refreshed and healthy.

I hope you liked my little tip!
Have a great start in the weekend :)

xoxo Jade  

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