Montag, 16. April 2012

Movie Night - Titanic 3D

Hey everyone :)

When a friend of mine told me that the original Titanic movie would be released in 3D in April 2012 I couldn't believe my ears because Titanic is one of my favourite movies ever. I've seen it countless times already - and it still doesn't get boring :) 
I was able to get my hands on some tickets for the preview one day before the actuall premiere.
On top of showing the film there is always a little champagne reception and a tombola before the film starts. You had the chance to win diving lessons, free movie tickets and some other cool stuff.
Unfortunately my friend and I had decided to go snack shopping at our local grocery store before we went to see the movie (snacks at the theater are always so expensive -.-) and it took us longer than we had planed so we missed the champagne reception and couldn't enter the tombola :(
But luckily we didn't miss the beginning of the film :)
Anyways so I was super excited to see Titanic in 3D not only because I love the movie but also because I had never seen a film in 3D before.

Now here are my thoughts on the film:

I don't know if I might had to high expectations because I haven't seen a 3D movie before but I actually wasn't that impressed by the 3D effects. 
At some parts I even forgott that I was watching a 3D movie and on other parts I actually took off my glasses because the scenes looked better without them.
But all in all I am still glad that I watched it because when Titanic came out for the first time I was very young and didn't went to the movies to see it. I watched it for the first time a couple years later with some friends on TV.
So just to see Titanic on a big cinema screen is totally worth it for me to go see the movie. 
If you like Titanic and haven't had the chance to watch it in theater when it came out the first time I would definitely suggest that you go see it :)

Tell me what you think about Titanic 3D.
Have you watched it already? Or if not will you go see it?

I wish you all a nice start in the week :)

xoxo Jade

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